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September 1-2, 2020
Dear Tourism Stakeholders,
A NOTE TO OUR READERS: moving forward, TIAC will be switching the release schedule for our COVID-19 Updates. Updates will go out each Wednesday evening. Thank you for your continued support and readership. 
The TIAC Team is pleased to provide you with this update on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, including the steps government is taking to address the situation. We are working hard to make sure the industry’s voice is heard by government, and that you have the information you need to keep your business going in these uncertain times. 
Please find the latest updates on official announcements and a recap of TIAC’s advocacy work on behalf of Canada’s Visitor Economy:
TIAC’s Advocacy Update
  • Today, TIAC’s President & CEO participated in a number of strategic calls with other industry leaders in order to coordinate advocacy approaches.
  • TIAC continues to be apart of Canada’s Tourism Roundtable.
Government Announcements 
  • No significant announcements to report. 
In Case You Missed It … 
  • Restaurants Canada announced the appointment of a new President and CEO, Todd Barclay. TIAC welcomes Mr. Barclay and looks forward to working together. 
  • Read the full press release here.
  • On Friday, our partners at Destination Canada launched the first ever Canada Expedia Microsite, which in collaboration with all provinces and territories will be used as a platform for marketing tourism product across Canada 
  • View the microsite here.
Resources for Businesses 
TIAC has compiled a list of COVID-19 Resources for the industry, including programs, articles, informative articles, and TIAC Member discounts. Any new updates will be included in this email as they arise. Click here to view the full list.
Looking Ahead
COVID-19 Recovery
Canada’s provinces and territories continue announcing plans for reopening economies. Timelines and actions vary, but can provide businesses and workers with information on what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months. We have reached out to our provincial counterparts to work together in an effort to create an orderly recovery strategy that will address health concerns and support tourism businesses. TIAC will continue to add links to provincial recovery plans and other resources as they become available. Click here to view.
Email Updates Archived
New information is being shared at a rapid pace and we know it can be overwhelming. If you think you may have missed something, head over here to see all our communications that we’ve released so far.
TIAC continues to represent your interests with government officials and decision-makers throughout this crisis. Please stay safe and let us know what more we can do to help.
Charlotte Bell
President & CEO
Tourism Industry Association of Canada
t: 613-238-6378